Visitor Policy
We at Orchid care for your patients’ well being as much as you do and by having visiting hours your patient will benefit.
We welcome you from,
Visiting Time for : -   Wards : Morning    10.00 AM - 11.00 AM  
     Evening    05.00 PM - 07.00 PM  
  ICU & CCU : Morning    11.00 AM - 12.00 PM  
     Evening    06.00 PM - 07.00 PM  
CHILDREN below 12 years are not allowed FLOWERS are not allowed Outside FOOD not allowed
Why? Why? Why?
More prone to Infection. Contain microorganism which are harmful for the patients. In-house food is dietician supervised.
Can be disturbed by seeing serious patient. Pollen can cause allergic reaction to some patients’. Hygienically prepared, packed and served on scheduled time.
Make noise which can disturb other patients.    
Why visiting hours are important?
More Rest to Patients
Faster Recovery
Less Vulnerability to cross infection
Uninterrupted Consultant visit
Better hygiene & Cleanliness.
Less Noise & disturbance
Privacy and confidentiality during Washing, Feeding & Other Medical Treatment
Efficiency of hospital staff increases.
“But we would love you to visit, so you can give mental satisfaction, encouragement and psychological strength that family and friends can offer.”
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