Institute of Magnetic Resonance Imaging

As part of the department of Radiology, Orchid Medical Centre has a state of the art Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanner (MRI) to create detailed images of the organs and tissues within your body. This helps in better diagnosis of the patient conditions.

We have a brand new 16 channel,1.5 Tesla Philips Achieva MRI.Continuing our vision of providing World Class Healthcare in Jharkhand, this is the first 16 channel 1.5 Tesla MRI in the state which dramatically reduces the time taken for each scan.It is also the first MRI with silent scanning in Jharkhand which makes the investigation more comfortable. Our MRI investigations are competitively priced and affordable.

MRI Scanning & Imaging Features: :
• 1.5 Tesla Field Strength for high resolution imaging
• 16 Channel for faster scanning
• Silent Scanning for less noise and greater patient comfort
• Whole Body MRI for lesser repositioning of patient
• Whole Body MRI for Neuro, Ortho, Gastro, Renal, Musculo-Skeletal and Cardiac scans
• High Resolution MR Angiography for blood vessels
• MRCP for detailed hepatobiliary and pancreatic imaging
• Diffusion and Perfusion Imaging for evaluating Ischemia and blood flow to the brain
• MR Spectroscopy for a measure of brain chemistry

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