Best Hospital in Ranchi

I and Aatish got recently transferred to Ranchi from Delhi with our family my mother in law was a heart patient we were getting her treatment from Apollo Delhi and we wanted some kind of treatment and doctor in Ranchi after some research we were recommended by people in the same vicinity that Orchid Medical Centre is the best hospital in Ranchi. My mother in law Sushma was initially a little hesitant as people are in old age so she thought we are not showing her to the best doctors but later on in a few months in Orchid Medical Centre, the best hospital in Ranchi established a good rapport with patients and instilled in her the confidence that she is in good hands and her satisfaction was also there now.

Her regular ECG and other tests were reminded us by the hospital on regular intervals so that even if we forget due to household chores and other necessary things this regular check-up is being taken care of as she was a heart patient and no casualty takes place.

After a few months when my mother in law had full confidence she was so adamant that the Orchid Medical Centre is the best hospital I will not go on intervals to Delhi for any checkups even we got relieved as because of old age she was more difficult to handle but to me and Aatish we were so thankful to hospital and doctors for giving her the confidence that she is being treated well our half of the problem was solved there and then only.

On one of the dreadful evenings, I was out in the market when I received a call from my mother in law that she is panting for breath and feeling heaviness before I could reach home, I informed the hospital to reach the given address and crossed my fingers that she should be fine and ambulance reaches on time as from market the home was half an hour distance but when I reached home ambulance was already there giving her the necessary treatment.

It was angina pain that occurred to her but due to the prompt response of the ambulance and doctors they saved her from a heart attack for me if anyone asks which hospital is to be trusted for patients, I just have one and only one recommendation that’s Orchid Medical Centre, Ranchi the best hospital in Ranchi.

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