Doctors Perform Rare Bronchoscopic Cryo Surgery to successfully treat Black Fungus infection in Lung at Orchid Medical Centre.

Being one of the best hospitals in Ranchi, Orchid Medical Centre (Orchid Hospital) has always strived to provide the best medical care to the people of Jharkhand and beyond.

Recently the team of our highly experienced doctors in Ranchi led by one of the best pulmonologist in ranchi. Dr Nishith Kumar, MD (Pulmonary Medicine), Consultant Pulmonologist treated a 65-year-old man with uncontrolled Diabetes & a suspected history of Covid-19 Pneumonia.

He was referred to Orchid Medical Centre from BGH, Bokaro with complaints of respiratory distress & cough for few weeks. Initial workup was suggestive of whole Right lung collapse leading to Respiratory failure (Fall in Oxygen Saturation below 70% on Room air).

Initial workup confirmed the presence of Endobronchial Mucormycosis (Black fungus infection in Right lung). Endobronchial Mucormycosis is a rare disease entity and is associated with a high mortality rate.

Typically, pneumonectomy (Surgical Removal of Right Lung) would have been performed in such a case but the patient’s comorbidities & general condition made this course inadvisable. So we decided to proceed with bronchoscopic debridement/removal of endobronchial necrotic tissue using intervention techniques. This was done with the intent of relieving endobronchial obstruction & facilitating ongoing antifungal treatment.

Dr Nishith Kumar along with his team members used Bronchoscopic cryo-recanalization using ERBE CRYO 2 System (First time in Jharkhand/Bihar) and was successful in opening the Right Lung. The patient was treated with Antifungal medicines in the post-op period and was successfully discharged from the hospital on 17th August.

To the best of our knowledge, only one such case report exists from South Korea where Bronchoscopic Cryotherapy was used to treat a case of Mucormycosis/Black fungus.

Team members:

  • Dr Nishith Kumar (Pulmonologist)
  • Dr Amit Gupta (Anaesthetist)
  • Dr Bhashwati Mukherjee (Pathologist)
  • Dr Sheetal Bankar (Microbiologist)
  • Mr Seshnath Yadav (Technician)

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