Free gynaecology, vision, diet, physiotherapy and general health check up camp at Belair Tower, Ranchi

On Sunday 15-05 -2022, Orchid Hospital, Ranchi, one of the best hospitals in Ranchi, organised free eye tests, skin tests, gynaecologist consultations, dietitian consultations, physiotherapy consultations and a general check-up camp at Belair Tower, Ranchi. The purpose of this camp was to provide solutions to the health problems being faced at present. Dr. Nupur Singh (MS(OBS & Gynae)) Consultant Gynecologist, Orchid Hospital, Ranchi, Dietitian Saroj Srivastav and Physiotherapist interacted with all the patients and explained the solution to their problems. The aim of this camp was to provide free consultations to patients.

Free Vision tests, ECG, BP, Sugar, Pulse, Oxygen Intake, and Weight tests were done in the camp. Doctors counselled the people and explained how the patients can stay healthy by taking care of small things.

Most of the women who attended the camp had gynaecological problems and needed Gynaecologist consultations. Dr Noopur Singh consulted them and advised how to stay healthy and get rid of those problems. Other people who attended the camp were facing problems related to heart, BP, diet, and sugar. People appreciated the efforts made by Orchid and made their successful contributions.

This camp was a philanthropic initiative of Orchid Hospital. 80 people availed of the benefits of free consultation and investigations. Orchid Medical Centre organizes such camps every Sunday under the community outreach initiative.

Orchid Hospital, Ranchi aims to provide low-cost ambulance service to the patients from the nearby areas of Ranchi. to assist in the process of admission. In case of emergency, patients can call 9117100100 to avail this service.

Orchid Hospital, Ranchi, is considered and reviewed as one of the best hospitals in Ranchi. It is affiliated with NABH and NABL. It is the closest and most affordable option for emergency medical services for residents of Ranchi and many nearby places.

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