Total Knee Replacement Surgery in Ranchi

Basic activities like walking or climbing stairs can be difficult for you if your knee is significantly damaged due to arthritis or an injury. Even while you are sitting or lying down, you may begin to feel pain.

Consider total knee replacement surgery if nonsurgical options like prescription drugs and using walking aids are no longer effective. A Joint Replacement Surgery can ease discomfort, treat leg deformity, and help you go back to your regular activities.

This article will give you additional knowledge about Knee Replacement Surgery. Whether you are just starting to look into your treatment options or have already made the decision to have a total knee replacement surgery.

Anatomy of Knee

The majority of daily tasks require healthy knees because they are the largest joint in the body.

The knee is made up of the kneecap, the upper end of the shinbone (tibia), and the lower end of the thighbone (femur) (patella). These three bones’ ends are coated in articular cartilage, a supple material that protects the bones and makes it possible for them to move freely inside the joint.

Between the femur and tibia lie the menisci. The “shock absorbers” of the joint are these C-shaped wedges.

The femur and tibia are supported and held together by large ligaments. The knee’s strength comes from the long thigh muscles.

The synovial membrane, a thin lining, covers all of the knee’s remaining surfaces. In a healthy knee, this membrane lets out a fluid that lubricates the cartilage and reduces friction to almost zero.

All of these components typically work together. However, illness or injury can sabotage this balance, leading to discomfort, weakened muscles, and decreased function.

Cause of Arthritis

Arthritis is the most typical cause of chronic knee pain and impairment. Despite the fact that there are other varieties of arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and post-traumatic arthritis are the three that are most commonly responsible for knee discomfort.

Osteoarthritis– This form of arthritis results from “wear and tear” as people age. It often affects persons over the age of 50, while it can also affect younger people. The knee’s protective cartilage deteriorates and softens over time. The subsequent rubbing of the bones results in stiffness and pain in the knee.

Rheumatoid arthritis–  In this illness, the synovial membrane that covers the joint thickens and becomes inflammatory. Chronic inflammation can harm cartilage, leading to eventual cartilage loss, discomfort, and stiffness. The most prevalent type of the group of illnesses known as “inflammatory arthritis” is rheumatoid arthritis.

Arthritis following trauma– This may come after a severe knee injury. Over time, articular cartilage injury from knee ligament rips or fractures of the bones around the knee may result in discomfort and restricted knee function.

Do you need a total knee replacement?

You, your family, your primary care physician, and your orthopedic surgeon should all work together to decide if you should get a total knee replacement. If you think you might benefit from this procedure, your doctor might recommend that you get a comprehensive evaluation from an orthopedic surgeon.

What can be done to speed up my knee replacement recovery?

You’ll be able to use a cane or walker shortly after surgery. However, you will require assistance with daily tasks like:

  • Bathing.
  • doing washing and cleaning.
  • Cooking.
  • Shopping.

After surgery, arrange for a friend or loved one to aid you, or let your doctor know if you’ll need assistance.

Total knee replacement surgery at Orchid Medical Centre

Knee replacement surgery can help you if you suffer from severe knee pain and find that therapy and prescription drugs are ineffective. This procedure can relieve your pain and help you live a normal life. Call us to consult one of the best Orthopaedic Surgeons in Ranchi at 9117100100. Get the right knee pain treatment for your knee pain. Consult our Orthopaedic Surgeon for knee replacement surgery in Ranchi.

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