Removal of Ovarian Cysts through Laparoscopic Surgery

Surgery to remove one or more cysts from one or both ovaries is known as ovarian cyst removal. Small incisions and specialized tools are used during a laparoscopic procedure. Compared to open surgery, which involves a wider abdominal incision, it might provide faster recovery times.

Ovarian cyst symptoms

If an ovarian cyst ruptures, is extremely large or limits the blood flow to the ovaries, symptoms are typically only present.

These situations might have:

  • Pelvic pain that can range from a slow, heavy feeling to an abrupt, intense, and piercing pain,
  • Discomfort during sex,
  • Problems getting pregnant, despite the fact that fertility is typically unaffected by ovarian cysts,
  • frequent urination,
  • heavy periods, irregular periods, or lighter periods than usual,
  • bloating and feeling incredibly full after only a small amount of food.

Reasons for procedure

It might be necessary to remove an ovarian cyst if it:

  • causing discomfort
  • considered to be cancerous
  • Large—diameter is greater than 2.5 inches
  • Solid

Issues that could arise with Ovarian Cyst Removal

Although they are uncommon, all operations include some risk. The doctor will discuss several potential issues, including:

  • excessive bleeding
  • Anesthesia-related issues include wheezing or a sore throat
  • Infection
  • Blood clots
  • damage to other organs
  • Infertility

These factors could increase the likelihood of issues:

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Chronic illnesses including diabetes and obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • abdominal surgery in the past

What to anticipate before the procedure

You may meet with the surgical team to discuss:

  • Options for anaesthesia
  • allergies you might have
  • Your current prescriptions, herbal remedies, and dietary supplements, as well as whether you need to discontinue taking them before surgery
  • Fasting before surgery, such as skipping meals and drinking anything after midnight the night before
  • Whether you require transportation to and from surgery
  • tests that must be performed prior to surgery, such as pelvic organ images
  • Procedures to follow if cancer is discovered during surgery


There will be general anesthesia administered. You’ll be sound asleep.

Description of the Process

Just below the navel, a little cut will be made. A laparoscope will then be placed. There is a camera at the end of this narrow tube. In order to provide the doctor with a better view of the organs, carbon dioxide gas will be pushed into the belly. The cyst will be located with the use of a laparoscope. A further one or two incisions will be made once it has been located. They will be used to insert small tools. It will remove that cyst. The tissue will be removed and tested. Both ovaries may need to be removed if cancer is discovered. The equipment will be taken out. Stitches will be used to close the incision site.

Laparoscopic Ovary Removal

How much time will it take?

One to two hours

Does It Hurt?

The initial few days are often painful. Home care and medication are helpful.

Standard Hospital Stay

Most people can return home the next day. You might need to stay longer if there are any issues.

Postoperative Care

Following the procedure, the hospital staff could:

  • Give you some painkillers.
  • encourage you to take a walk

The hospital staff will take precautions during your stay to reduce your risk of infection, including:

  • By hand-washing
  • Putting on gloves and mask
  • Covering your incisions

You can also take actions to lessen your risk of infection, such as:

  • Frequently washing your hands and encouraging others to do the same
  • advising employees to wear gloves or masks
  • Do not allow anyone to touch your incisions.

At Home

The whole healing process could take up to two weeks. There will be little physical exertion during this period. Sexual activity must be avoided. Delay returning to work and seeking assistance with daily tasks.

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