Orthodontic Treatment In Ranchi, Jharkhand

Orthodontic treatment commonly known as braces treatment not only improves one’s aesthetics but also makes the dentition (the arrangement or condition of the teeth) healthy enough for efficient chewing. All are well aware of the fact that proper chewing is the first step toward proper digestion. People often visit dentists for toothache and gum problems but most of the time parents fail to notice malocclusions and malalignment of teeth.

Lack of awareness among people generally leads to severe malocclusions that become quite cumbersome.

The most frequently asked questions regarding this are

What is the need to get one’s teeth aligned?

Misaligned teeth are difficult to clean. Such teeth are more prone to cavities and gum diseases. There is a definite way in which teeth should occlude (come together) for normal functioning of dentition and TMJ. Conditions such as deep bite (when upper front teeth totally cover the lower front teeth) and cross bite (when lower front teeth cover the upper front teeth) can be detrimental for teeth and TMJ. Such conditions can be treated by an Orthodontist.

Orthodontic Treatment In Ranchi

When should one visit an Orthodontist?

Generally, braces treatment is carried out in permanent dentition (12 years) but certain Growth related conditions should be intercepted at an early age (9-10). Conditions such as cross bite should be treated as soon as one notices it (as early as 7 to 8 years). Therefore a child’s first orthodontic visit should be after the child’s seventh birthday. Some children have a forwardly placed upper jaw, a backwardly placed lower jaw or a forwardly placed lower jaw. Such conditions are skeletal and best addressed during a child’s growing years by something known as Functional Orthodontic therapy. Lack of space for permanent teeth, and noneruption of permanent teeth for a long time are certain crucial aspects a parent can observe and ensure that they get an Orthodontic consultation. Though growing years are the best time for braces treatment teeth can be straightened for a person of any age as long as the teeth are healthy.

Can adults get orthodontic treatment done?

People of any age can get their teeth arrangement corrected as long as their teeth are healthy. An Orthodontist will discuss the various options like tooth-colored braces, aligners, etc with the patient and will rightfully suggest the best option for his or her malocclusion.

Whom should one consult for such treatment?

One should consult a qualified Orthodontist. A qualified Orthodontist is a dental specialist in the treatment of malocclusions. Every dental specialist with an MDS degreeis not an Orthodontist as dentistry has many branches of specialization.

What is done during this treatment, is it painful and can one eat with braces?

Braces and wires are placed and activations are needed every 4 to 6 weeks. Sometimes some permanent teeth need to be removed. Various skillful mechanics are used to achieve desired results. Patients are asked to avoid hard and sticky food. It does cause mild discomfort, especially in the initial days which can be managed with mild analgesics. Orthodontic treatment requires immense cooperation from the patient. By maintaining oral hygiene and other instructions the treatment becomes more efficient.

Can there be a relapse?

At the end of treatment, retainers are given to the patient to prevent relapse. Certain malocclusions like spacing require permanent retention as they are more likely to relapse.

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