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Orchid Medical Centre Super Speciality, Hospital in Ranchi, Jharkhand

Orchid Medical Centre is a state of the art, NABH accredited Super-specialty hospital in Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Hospital aims to provide quality patient care with unrelenting attention to clinical excellence and patient comfort at an affordable cost. Competing with some of the best medical facilities of India, Orchid Medical Centre is a 135 bedded, Super specialty hospital, spread over 7 floors, and is equipped to cater all medical requirements and treatments for Cardiology, Critical care, Nephrology & Urology General Surgery, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedic, Pulmonology, Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Gynaecology.

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Super Specialities

Orchid Medical Centre offers world class healthcare services for these super speciality departments in our Hospital In Ranchi, Jharkhand.

  • Cardiology Department In Ranchi, Jharkhand


    Orchid Medical Centre, Department of Cardiology is one of the best and most.

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  • Nephrology (Kidney) in Ranchi, Jharkhand

    Nephrology (Kidney)

    Nephrology deals with diseases of the kidneys. Orchid Medical Centre’s top-ranked.

    • Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)
    • Chronic Kidney Diseases
    • Kidney Dialysis
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  • Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement in Ranchi, Jharkhand


    Department of Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement deals with diseases of the bones.

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  • Neurology in Ranchi, Jharkhand


    Dedicated & Integegrated Multi-Disciplinary Neuro Science Team including best neuro.

    • Stroke Clinic
    • Epilepsy Clinic
    • Headache Clinic
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  • Gastroenterology & Hepatology in Ranchi, Jharkhand


    Orchid Medical Centre’s top-ranked gastroenterologist diagnoses and treats.

    • Gastric Ulcer Treatment
    • Endoscopic Treatment
    • Colonoscopy
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  • Urology & Urosurgery in Ranchi, Jharkhand


    Orchid Medical Centre’s top-ranked Urologists and Urosurgeons, diagnose.

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  • Plastic & Micro-vascular Surgery in Ranchi, Jharkhand

    Plastic Surgery

    Orchid Medical Centre’s top-ranked Plastic & Micro-vascular Surgeon, diagnoses and treats.

    • Varicose Veins Surgery
    • Gynaecomastia Treatment
    • Liposuction
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  • Neurosurgery in Ranchi, Jharkhand


    Orchid Medical Centre’s top-ranked neurosurgeon, diagnoses and treats more than.

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  • Specialities

    Orchid Medical Centre provides medical care with the latest technology and procedures in all its units at our hospital in Ranchi, Jharkhand.

    Best Hospital In Ranchi

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    Why Choose us

    The Right Answer

    The Right Answer

    The right diagnosis leads to effective treatment and permanent solution. Orchid Super Specialty Hospital has the best doctors in ranchi to provide the best treatment.

    More Experience

    More Experience

    Every year more than 50 Thousand people come to Orchid Super Specialty Hospital for care. We have the best doctors in Ranchi and they are highly experienced in treating rare and complex conditions.

    Seamless Care

    Seamless Care

    At Orchid Super Specialty Hospital, all the aspects of your care are coordinated and the exact care is provided by the group of highly experienced doctors in ranchi.

    Unparalleled Expertise

    Unparalleled Expertise

    At Orchid Super Specialty Hospital doctors are some of the best in India. It also ranks among the best hospitals in Jharkhand.

    Orchid Medical Centre

    We always strive to provide the best medical care to the people of Jharkhand and beyond. You deserve the best care at our hospital in Ranchi, Jharkhand.


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    Happy Patients

    Experienced Doctors and Surgeons

    Orchid Super Specialty, Hospital in Ranchi has a team of the best doctors and surgeons in India for all types of health treatment.

    Dr. Md. Farhan Shikoh - Cardiologist In Ranchi

    Dr. Farhan Shikoh


    Dr Vikram Singh - Neurosurgeon In Ranchi

    Dr. Vikram Singh


    Dr. Mithilesh Ranjan - Orthopaedics Surgeon In Ranchi

    Dr. Mithilesh Ranjan


    Dr. Navin Kumar - Nephrologist In Ranchi

    Dr. Navin Kumar


    Dr. Jayant Ghosh - Gastroenterologist In Ranchi

    Dr. Jayant Ghosh


    Dr. Narendra K.S. Bhonsle - Cardiologist In Ranchi

    Dr. Narendra K.S. Bhonsle


    Dr. Saurabh Kumar - Critical care department In Ranchi

    Dr. Saurabh Kumar

    Critical Care

    Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pahan - Doctor In Ranchi

    Dr. Rajendra Kumar

    Internal Medicine

    What Our Patients Say About Our Treatment and Hospital In Ranchi



    Happy Patients

    It has been a great service at hospital all through our duration. All the staff are caring in nature and they keep on visiting in between through out the time. I highly recommend this hospital for all. Good hygiene is also here.

    Anooja Kumari

    Very much satisfied with the services. Orchid is the best hospital in Jharkhand. It has got best medical services especially in maternity and child care…. Nicu facility is also well equipped and doctors are also very experienced.

    Ranjeet Kumar

    It has been a great service at hospital all through our duration. All the staff are caring in nature and they keep on visiting in between through out the time. I highly recommend this hospital for them who care for the caring nature.

    Anmol Kumar

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Orchid Medical Centre is one of the best hospitals in Ranchi, Jharkhand?

    Orchid Medical Centre is one of the best hospitals in Ranchi, Jharkhand with 8 Super Specialities and 16 Specialities. It is well-equipped to cater best medical care in Ranchi, Jharkhand. It has been awarded as one of the best hospitals in Ranchi, Jharkhand and eastern India by the economic times. Orchid Medical Centre offers comprehensive care in over 8 specialities and 16 super specialities which are not limited to Cardiology, Nephrology, Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement, Neurosurgery, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Urology and Uro surgery, Plastic and Micro-Vascular Surgery, Anaesthesiology, Dentistry, Dermatology, Internal Medicine. Paediatrics & Neonatology, Radiology, Physiotherapy and Yoga, Nutrition & Diet, and many more.

    Orchid Medical Centre is well-equipped with advanced facilities and modern infrastructure. It also boasts of having one of the best teams of the most experienced and skilled doctors and surgeons in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Because of the world-class medical treatment offered by Orchid Medical Centre, it is one of the best and preferred hospitals in Ranchi, Jharkhand.

    Where is Orchid Medical Centre located and what is nearby?

    Orchid Medical Centre is located at H.B. Road, Ranchi, Jharkhand-834001. It is near Lalpur Thana.

    How to get in touch with the hospital?

    For any medical assistance, you can call or mail us at 9117100100/
    info@orchidmedcentre.com respectively.

    Are the doctors and surgeons in your hospitals licensed and credentialed?

    All the doctors and surgeons in our hospital are registered and has their medical degrees from best medical institutions in India.

    How can I make an appointment with a doctor?

    You can book your appointment either by calling us at 9117100100 or visiting our Contact Us page

    Will we get to talk to our surgeon before and after the operation?

    Yes, you can consult the surgeon before and after the operation.

    How can I avail mediclaim from Orchid Medical Centre in Ranchi, Jharkhand?

    If you are having a planned surgery, then kindly visit our TPA department and submit all the needed documents (Adhaar Card, Insurance card, etc.) before getting hospitalised.

    Is there any Cashless Hospitalization facility?

    Cashless hospitalisation facilities are available to the corporates having official tie-ups with the hospital. To know more about Alliances.

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    Our Alliances

    Cashless hospitalization facility is available at Orchid Medical Centre only to the corporates having official tie-ups with the hospital.

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